Babu-Ji Zarra Dheere Challo

Read this.

Truly hilarious.

And remember... while i love my wife very, very much, my in-laws are a lot like those felt pens they used to give out with Maggi. Coulourful, but highly dysfunctional.


Burnin' Out Blues

(Sung to the tune of 'Re-Enlistment Blues.' Due apologies to Merle Travis and James Jones.

Another shitty Monday, don't feel like a writer no more.
Ain't a writer no more.
They don't give me no money, so broke my pockets are sore.
My pockets are sore.

Had bills to pay Tuesday, found myself deep in the red.
So deep in the red.

Deadlines to meet tomorrow, tonight I'll only sleep if i'm dead.
Only sleep if i'm dead.
Find my solace in the booze.
Burnin' Out Blues.

Work all night on Wednesday, got no time on my own.
Got no time on my own.
Fit's hit the shan, them blues won't leave me alone.
They won't leave me alone.
Gotta keep hittin' that booze.
Burnin' Out Blues.

10 a.m Thursday, already need that glass of beer.
Oh just one little beer.
Good times forgot to know me, ain't no rest for me here.
No rest for me here.
Oohh my head feels like a bruise,
Burnin' Out Blues.

Workin on another Saturday, I need a night on the town.
One night on the town.
Phone calls all day Sunday, 'nuff to pull me way down.
Pull me way-way down.

No sanity left to lose...

Rookies let me tell you, it's tough being an agency man.
Tough being an agency man.
Clients never make sense, that's assuming they can.
Just assuming they can.

Got no sanity left to lose...
Burnin' Out Blues.
Somebody get me some more booze.
Burnin' Out Blues.


Mea Culpa






Yes, a truly shitty excuse for not having posted in eons. But it's the only one I've got. A while ago, I wrote about work being hectic. That was an understatement.

I got to go to the APAC Ad Fest '06, which was held at Pattaya.

Of course, I had a meeting in Bombay on the first day, so I missed most of that.

On the second day, there was this truly kick ass presentation on the "Impossible Is Nothing" Adidas campaign. I can't give you first hand confirmation of this, because I spent the duration at the free browsing centre, working on scripts for the office here in Bangalore.

I did get to attend the final day in its entirety, and it was a truly humbling experience. You see, the final day culminated with the results of the TV commercials category.

I'll just say this... someday, I hope to write half as well.

And for those of you who still drop by, well, thanks for your patience.