Never: After

Tony: What hit me?

Sujith: Paracetamol. Paracetamol.

Self: I blogged?


4:30 am.
My partners at the circle,
and a couple of other buddies,
have just split.

I'm left with the detritus of 5 men
(counting inebriated self)
who consumed 3 litres of rum,
assorted meat and fowl,
and - unfathomably - breadsticks.

I'm also left with a fairly simple question.
A question that, in fact, one of the blokes raised
the last time we had a piss up.

Why is it we never manage to have a 'few' drinks?

That's what we set out to do this evening.
And many hours, and glasses later, I'm still at a loss.
In fact, being coherent currently requires an effort
akin to that needed to telekinetically start an Enfield.

For those of you who haven't yet attempted this,
we're talking about one hell of a lot of effort.

For those of you who have, I must ask the natural question...

But I digress.
(And after this much booze,
who can blame me?)

Back to the topic of a 'few' drinks.
I've come to a conclusion.
And it's absolutely astonishing.
The fact that I concluded anything in this state, I mean.

My conclusion is this:
It's fun.

That's why we never have just a 'few' drinks.

It's fun. And rare, to find 5 people,
or even 2, whom one is willing
to spend hours with in conversation,
socialisation and inebriation.

So to anyone who is even remotely considering the kind of drastic change of life that involves skipping out on such all-night binges completely, I'd just like to say: DON'T!

(And before any of you ask, yes, the wife is out of town.)


July 14, 2006

My first real crash.
Scraped off a fair amount of hide.
Tore ligaments.
(Somewhere between my collar bone and my right shoulder.)

Scrapes got infected.
Applied medicine.
Was allergic to it.
But nobody knew.

Couldn't key in much.
Reserved it for work.
This went on for a month.

Changed medicine.
Scrapes healed.
(Interesting scars, fading.)
Ligaments haven't.

Took a month off.

Shifted house.

Went to Goa.
With wife.
And wife's sister.
And her husband.

Came back, all too soon.

Behaved myself (more or less) all through my sister-in-law's 3rd wedding.
(She had 2 in Amoronica. Land of plenty, indeed.)

Fought losing battle against buying furniture.

Fought losing battle against filling up 3 rooms.

Realised dis-owning family is impractical.
(I owe them money, and can't afford alimony.)

Quit my job at McCann.

Quit smoking.

Got phished out of my Yahoo! a/c.
(If you receive mail/messages/porn/viagra offers from byker7@yahoo.com, it's NOT me. The Yahoo! guys are being totally un-cooperative. They will not shut down the account. so I guess I Quit Yahoo! too.)

Nov. 1, walked into The Circle.
A small agency owned and operated by Tony, Sujith and yours truly.

Released more good work in 2 weeks
than I've done in the past 4 years.

Realised I liked blogging.
And started again.

And so, let me say to the 3 people (I, Me, Myself,)
who have dropped in regularly, despite the hiatus:
It's good to be back.