(it was just that kind of day.)



Walking from 'the circle',
to nanjappa circle.

Looking for an auto to take me to the garage,
where trusty steed awaits.

Pass by a BMP water pump.
And a woman with 3 plastic matkas.

She tucks two away,
under one arm.

Looks around. Spots me.

She looks.
I stop.

I pick up the third matka.
She guides it onto her head.

She gives me a grim smile.
And trudges away.

I'm forced to recollect that
I had a 15 minute shower today.

Conversation With A Madman

What's going on bro?
Nothing much. Just hanging around.

Oh off the end of a banner.
Off of a skyscraper in Mumbai.

Trying to tell Mumbaikars
to use CFL.

Yeah. Lots of cops and stuff around though.
Insisting we get down. News crews around too.

Be safe man.
Yeah man. Thanks. We need climbers, you know.
So think about it. It's not full time.
We'll train you. But you to have to show up
when we're holding actions.

Let me think about it. Later.

And I've been doing just that. Thinking.

I have a pretty bad problem with heights.
I have a pretty bad problem with a lot of other things too.

I need to figure if scaling heights is actually going to do
something about the stuff I think is wrong with the world.

Or will it just make me feel cool?

The guy on the other end of the phone is a madman, by the way,
because he seems to think saving the world is going to
not bringing my god daughter around to visit.

He'll have to climb pretty damn fast, pretty damn soon,
if this keeps up much longer.

Open Minded?

Thought I'd see how
the other side lives.
Like lifestyles of
the rich and shameless.
So this is it huh?
Let's see now.
What's on the menu?
Guns and Incest.
Guns and Hegemony.
Guns and Petrodollars.
Guns and Racial Profiling.
Guns and Greenhouse Gases.
Guns and Whaling.
Guns and Politics.
Guns and Ammo.
Pretty much
like I figured.
Call the movers honey.
A little left
of centre.
It's good
to be home.


War Is Fun

Airtel managed to step on a few corns last month.
Mine, to be frank.

Once again, I've busted Airtel illegitimately charging me for services.

And being the righteously ginormous organisation they are,
it's a bit hard finding volunteers for the receiving end of a right hook.

Hence, I've decided to bankrupt the bastards.

So if you're from Airtel, and you're reading this - you poncey wanker -
add up the man hours you jerks have spent calling me.

And then look at my lovely, unlimited download, 256 kbps,
Rs. 999-a-month-only-plus-taxes-dsl-plan.