The Terrorist Diaries - An Excerpt

What if the most dangerous terrorist in the world kept a diary? I think it would read something like this...

... indeed, Blessed am I, to be the one to carry out this holy task. I know this. It is my glorious duty, in the name of all that is sacred, to cleanse the land of the unbeliever. To rid the land of the infidel.

Their mouthpieces in the media scream at me - accusing me of murdering innocents. I ask them... is anyone truly innocent in this world?

The dogs. Who are they, to sit in judgement upon me? What do they know of faith?

As a true believer, I put none above my faith. Or my task. Not friends. Not family. That, is true sacrifice. True faith.

Even my wife looks at me with accusing eyes. I can hear the bitterness in her voice when she speaks to me. I can hear the scorn drip as she says

"George... it's Condoleeza. On the red phone. Again. "

Let me take this opportunity to personally endorse George W Bush as my candidate for War Criminal of the Millenium.