Family Planning, by Bajaj

I'm not very clear what it is the Bajaj family is seeking retribution for, but the Bajaj Avenger certainly lives up to its name. It takes revenge, with ruthless efficiency, upon the scrotal sacs of an unsuspecting Indian public.

I spent 4 days last week in Goa.

I made the incredible error of renting one of these fiendish contraptions, instead of getting off my lazy ass and looking for an Enfield.

I now feel like apologising to the Bros. Bajaj for anything and everything, from the existence of Dan Brown, to the state of Manmohan Singh's wardrobe.

My only other theory is that I have stumbled upon a conspiracy to ensure that Indian men who attain the height of 6', are rendered incapable of reproduction.

The other party to this heinous plot would appear to be Capt. Gopinath, who stands to gain incalculably, if the avg. Indian height is say 5'4". Just imagine two whole rows more, on every Air Deccan flight.