Who am I supposed to be afraid of?

Hysterical Hindus?
Mad Mullahs?
Juvenile Jews?
Crazy Christians?

The moral police?
The fashion police?
The traffic police?
The good old police?

The L-e-T?
The J-e-M?
The MNS?
The VHP?
The BJP?


Al Gore?

The radical right?
The ludicrous left?
The crappy centre?

People with bombs?
People with guns?
People with halitosis?
Stateless terrorism?
State sponsored terrorism?
Terrorist states?
Terrified states?

If the end goal of terrorism is terror (as seems implicit in the word) then will someone please let me know precisely who I'm supposed to be in terror of?

Because the way things stand now, if someone blows up the building I inhabit, or the plane I'm on, or even the pot I piss in, nobody will ever know who the perpetrators are, and therefore no one will be one iota more terrified than they were before said event. (Except for the Bangalore sales managers of Bacardi and ITC - but then their terror is rooted more in recession, than explosions.)

Terrorism seems to be the only industry thriving despite the recession. There seems to be no lack of bullets, RDX, grenades, or collateral to damage. What terrorists lack, however, are clear cut corporate identities. Logos, that the public can identify and empathise with. Baselines that "just do it", for the man on the street. Signature visuals, that help them optimise media coverage.

Now, being a generous soul, I'm happy to give away this new biz. idea, absolutely free, to all the desperate suits out there in ad land. No thanks required.