Texting. Texting. 1... 2... 3...

"Surrounded by bikers. Should I tell them it's not about money, but attitude," said a friend's text, over the weekend. 

"It's not about money, or attitude, but if you have to tell them what it's all about, then they're not bikers, just guys who own bikes," was my response.

Silence ensued.

Ten minutes later, she texted again: "Don't think I'll tell them that. Might depress them. Too many mid-life crises here, already."

"Wankers," I texted back. And resumed my siesta with no further interruptions.

Sad moppets are probably going to be polishing the chrome furiously, again, this weekend, in the hopes of impressing her.


flotsam said...

Was admiring a Harley in my basement last night. Something tells me it won't be the machine I'll see if I set my sights on it again tonight! lol!

byker7 said...

Visit not the sins of the owner, upon the Harley, my friend.