A Forensic Colonoscopy Into Post Modern Dialectical Materialism

Hypothesis: God (a fictional construct) Hates Us All

Corollary: Hank Moody (also a fictional construct) is a God

Observation: Women (thankfully NOT a fictional construct) find 
Hank Moody irresistible

Conclusion: It is theoretically possible to woo Natascha McElhone with the written word


M said...

gaaah - she's the reason I even considered law in the first place!! (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126120/ - have you seen this? charming shots of inns of courts in London)

byker7 said...

Nope. Haven't sen it. My PC at home has died, bringing to a temporary halt my illustrious career as pirate and pillager extraordinaire.

Once service resumes, will give it a whirl.

M said...

Caution: its not too epic or anything - just one for the sunday late afternoon romcom box, but she is lovely as always. =) torrents ahoy!

byker7 said...

duly noted. i often sit through utter rubbish for precisely such facile reasons.